About The Club

The M.U.V.C.C.C. was established in 1991 and is a social club for people in the Shoalhaven region who share an interest in cars and motoring in general. This proud and active club has over 196 members, including joint memberships. Historic vehicle ownership is not a requirement for joining the Club. Existing members own a wide range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles and trucks, from veteran and vintage models through to modern-day future classics.


The Club produces an annual calendar of events that includes a number of weekend and mid-week outings every month, as well as an annual away trip and other special social events. Also included is a list of members, their cars and guidance for use of concessionally registered vehicles. Being part of the local community, the club supports local events and charities. All activities undertaken by the Club are conducted in the spirit of the Club?s motto ?Lets Have Fun?


The Club newsletter, Torque Talk, is published six times per annum and is distributed free of charge to all current members in printed or internet download form.


Aims and Objectives


The primary purpose for which the club was founded has changed little since 1991.

  • To bring together persons with common interest to encourage the use, maintenance and presevertation of vehicles of veteran, vintage and classic categories without prejudice to make, model method of manufacture or country of origin and other vehicles of special interest which might be determined by the committee.
  • To maintain historical records in respect to such vehicles.
  • To promote and assist in events, tours etc in which such vehicles can participate and to support local community and charity events.
  • To encourage and facilitate interaction with other clubs and events.
  • To encourage family participation in events for social enjoyment in motoring, fellowship and goodwill in the spirit of the Club's motto 'Let's Have Fun'.
  • To provide members with an annual Calendar of Events and the Club's bi-monthly newsletter, 'Torque Talk', together with our website, for members information.




Monthly general meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every odd month except January commencing at 7:30 pm,  at the Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club,68/74 St. Vincent Street Ulladulla. Visitors and those interested in joining the Club are always welcome. 


Committee Members


Colin Spicer



Roger Guest



Jane McLennan



Vicki Weir



Joe Bowdler


Events Director

Geoff Phillips  events@muvccc.org.au

Public Officer

Roger Guest


Editor and Publicity Officer

David Joice


Merchandising Tom Taylor